Lowrise building essay

The rooms are pleasant enough with wood parquet flooring, a boxy TV, carved dark-wood chairs and free WiFi and Broadband. Most people will spend the day at the beach, a large stretch of varying quality best sampled farther south along the hotel strip.

Farther up the river bend in a developing residential and commercial neighbourhood is the Banyan Tree Shanghai, On The Bund. Vehicles—such as trailerscaravansships and passenger aircraft —are treated as "buildings" for life safety purposes.

Calypso Restaurant and Lounge is a stylish standalone Mediterranean restaurant in the hotel piazza with a rooftop terrace bar.


Do too many chefs spoil the broth. Also find a fun Children's Club for all ages from toddler to year-old and babysitting services. Earth-toned guest rooms, royal purple accents, antique pottery, wooden rafters and lotus motifs pay homage to traditional Vietnamese aesthetics without sacrificing modern amenities, such as an LCD TV, free WiFi, and audio system.

Across the road, the high-rise City Hotel is a convenient four-star option.

BS 8103-1:2011

Banyan Tree is all about texture and the elements, with water, wood and stone woven into a contemporary blend to lend things a more gracious and measured pace with equal appeal for leisure trippers like honeymooners or shoppers in search of some serious spa pampering, and urbane suits. Expect a flat-screen TV, silver-grey patterned pillows, a classic bedside clock, simple easy-to-use switches, a work desk with data-port two three-pin multi-plug socketsgoldy textures, a laptop safe, and an iron to winkle out those creases.

The Langham Club is a relaxing escape for execs. The hotel is tucked away in the Shanghai Centre — an expat haven incorporating a foreign supermarket, consulates, restaurants, bars and cafes — and offers a boutique feel with its hideaway nooks and sumptuous lounges. Walk into the lobby to find old photographs adorning the walls, wood-and-glass cabinets showcasing old Shanghai memorabilia, velvet sofas, lattice screens, ancient gramophones and creaking wooden floorboards.

Vijay Verghese Welcoming guests right outside the lobby are flagship stores from Harry Winston and Chopard.

The ensuing construction is alternatively pleasing, astonishing and spooky.

Vietnam's toast of the coast

There is a convenient ATM that takes Visa in the lobby. The toilet is classic with a wooden seat cover unlike the sleek modern Japanese-friendly ensemble in the tower wing that rears up in welcome and whirs to life as you enter the cubicle with enough buttons and bidet functions to keep your booty beautifully groomed.

It has two modern terminals and, as of midfive runways and two new ones due to ease some congestion. The Three-Bedroom Riverside Villa has Vietnamese cadences with slim rectangular darkwood furniture, cream chairs, and powder olive cushions.

Diving is popular, if unexceptional, in Nha Trang and a plethora of spa treatments abound. Decide for yourself, but at the very least there is a nice terrace to dine on, lapping waves to listen to, and a rising moon to look for. Why the most sustainable buildings might be low-rise.

By Philip Steadman. Well, this one's pretty green. The Empire State Building, in its St Patrick's Day gladrags. Data from the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers shows that wind speeds do indeed rise with height This article is adapted from an essay he wrote for. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin When I recently visited Building 43 at Google’s main complex, in Mountain View, part of an office park the company took over from Silicon Graphics inthe first thing I saw, suspended over.

Review of top Vietnam beach resorts, we compare luxury hotels from Danang to Phu Quoc, by Vijay Verghese, and more from Smart Travel Asia and Dancing Wolf Media.

Shanghai luxury hotels review for business, corporate meetings and fun, and a new 45km Bund trail, by Amy Fabris-Shi, from Smart Travel Asia.

Vietnam's toast of the coast

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Lowrise building essay
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Shanghai business hotels review and fun guide.