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During PT formations, platoon sergeants will determine the appropriate combo. By utilizing the latest advances in textile technology, the IPTU offers significant improvements in both comfort and functionality over the current PTU, said Capt.

Soldiers: Speak up to select new Improved Physical Fitness Uniform

They liked its durability but believed the IPFU's textiles had not kept pace with commercially-available workout clothes. However, they will be available through special order at the servicing military clothing store.

A key part of testing addressed the concern of some Soldiers that a black shirt may cause overheating. The survey asks soldiers to choose from a variety of options including different colors for the jacket and pants — black or gray, with a thin or thick chevron across the chest of the jacket.

The issue was of such concern that Soldiers were purchasing spandex-like under garments to wear beneath the trunks, Mortlock said. The prototype adjusts fabric weight and fit of the uniform, adds tagless labels, moisture-wicking material and anti-microbial cloth treatment, and it removes reflective properties and the elastic trim on the jacket and pants.

Their new survey, which asks soldiers just that, has nearly doubled the response of their first poll, collecting the opinions of more thantroops. Wear and Appearance of Navy Uniforms and Insignia consists of: The following accessories are normally worn with the APFU.

The APFU clothing bag and optional trunks consist of percent polyester. Black with same gold ARMY lettering on lower left leg. Light-grey short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts and hoodless sweatshirts with moisture wicking fabric with reflective Air Force logo and lettering on the left chests and logo centered on the backs.

Also, there will be a four-way stretch panel inside the trunks, similar to bicycle shorts, which will eliminate the need for Soldiers to purchase their own undergarments. When Soldiers wear the APFU as a complete uniform, they will keep the sleeves down on the jacket, the legs down on the pants, and they will tuck the t-shirt inside the trunks.

Navy blue with Navy emblem and United States Navy lettering printed in dark reflective trim and yellow lining centered on front and Navy lettering in the same design centered on back of sweatshirt with optional hood, and NAVY lettering on both sides of the legs in the same design on sweatpants.

Black with same gold ARMY lettering on the left leg. Fleece cap, black see para 4—10c. The trunks include a bigger key pocket and a convenient and secure ID card pouch. In conclusion, Mortlock said the Army reached out to Soldiers at "multiple touch points to ensure we got this right.

The uniform will be released in October with a retirement date for the gold-shirt uniform pending. They also had concerns with other things, particularly modesty issues with the shorts, especially in events like sit-ups. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.

The ensemble is modular; meaning parts of the APFU can be mixed and matched, for example, short- or long-sleeve T-shirts with the pants or trunks. Smith is an American Power Source seamstress.

Light-grey short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts and hoodless sweatshirts with moisture wicking fabric with reflective U. Navy Navy sailors wearing the Navy Physical Training Uniform The Navy PTU's nylon moisture wicking and odor resistant Navy blue shorts come in six and eight inch lengths, providing standard appearance among different height sailors.

For the time being, optional compression shorts called "spankies" by soldiers may be worn under the IPFU trunks provided they are black or do not extend past the trunks.

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Each item of the APFU is identified with a national stock number and a Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support contract number printed on a label and sewn into the garment. Soldiers may not cuff the APFU jacket sleeves or long-sleeved shirt.

Commanders may authorize wear of commercial running shoes with calf-length or ankle-length, plain white socks no logos. If Soldiers wear long underwear or other similar items, they must conceal them from view with the running jacket and pants, if wearing the APFU. Commercial calf-length or ankle-length, plain white or black socks with no logos.

The mandatory wear date will go into effect approximately Octoberor about three years after the APFU is introduced.

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Shoes Athletic style shoes, with no color restrictions. Personnel wear the black micro fleece cap pulled down snugly on the head with the bottom edge covering the ears, but not covering the eyebrows.

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Army IPFU Standard 1. Improved Physical Fitness Uniform StandardsThe Proper Wear and Appearance of the Army PT Uniform. Courtesy of SPC HERNANDEZ, A. 2. IPFU 3. TaskFamiliarize 87TH HHD unit memberson the Army PT (Physical Training)uniform standards in accordance to AR By DAVID VERGUN Army News Service.

A new Army Physical Fitness Uniform will become available service-wide, beginning in October next year. Its design is based on Soldier feedback, said Col. Robert Mortlock, program manager for Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment at Fort Belvoir,  · WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Adm.

Mike Mullen, Chief of Naval Operations, approved the first Navy physical fitness uniform for all Sailors E-1 through O this What does IPFU mean in Military? This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand IPFU in the Governmental field in general and in Improved Physical Fitness Uniform (IPFU) Jacket.

In stock. NSN: As low as $ IPFU Reveal Jacket, ARMY PT This Army PT jacket provides more visibility then the prior jacket due to the all over digital reflective pattern. The Army IPFU “PT” pant is 1st Lts. Joseph Castro, Erik Svendsen and Andy Lee wear the Air Force's improved physical training uniform and watch as Angela Smith hems the anti-microbial liner into the new uniform during a tour of the facility Nov.

3,in Columbus, Miss.

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